How to Close Apps on Macbook Air

Closing apps on your Macbook Air is an important way to conserve resources and keep your computer running smoothly. When you’re finished using an app, just click on its icon in the dock and hold down the “command” key while pressing the “escape” key. This will close the app and free up resources for other tasks.

What is Macbook Air

The Macbook Air is a lightweight laptop that’s perfect for people on the go. It has a 13-inch screen and weighs just 2.6 pounds, making it easy to carry around with you. The Macbook Air also has a long battery life, so you can work or surf the web all day without having to recharge. Another great feature of the Macbook Air is its fast start-up time; you can be up and running in seconds!

Apple recently released the new Macbook Air , which is even lighter. It’s just 2 pounds, making it easier to carry around than ever before! The vertical alignment of its keyboard also makes for a more comfortable typing experience. Superiority about Macbook Air Apple claims that this chipset is much faster than other PC processors and Apple has successfully demonstrated that they are capable of delivering innovative technologies that their competitors have never done. For the price of this laptop, it is also affordable and the performance ratio obtained is also quite high. Not necessarily you will get a laptop with performance as fast as the MacBook Air at the same price.

Difference between Macbook Air and Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro is intended for professionals such as content creators, designers, or video editors who need powerful performance so that the laptop is strong enough to run the tough jobs. While the MacBook Air is intended for users such as students and office workers who rarely use heavy work applications.

At first glance, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro designs don’t really look much different because they are both made of aluminum with a matte surface. Both laptops are thin, elegant, and seem premium.

Macbook and Laptop is same?

Each OS has an interface that is quite different from one another. However, the Linux and Windows OS on the laptop have a user interface that can be said to be quite similar. As with them, Mac Os on Macbooks has a slightly different interface. For those of you who are used to using laptops with the Windows operating system, you must be familiar with the cross in the upper right corner of the Windows application. If you click on that sign then the application that you open will be completely closed. Unlike Windows, Macbooks with the Mac Os operating system only have a red button at the far left of the application that serves to minimize the application, not to close it. If you really want to close it, you have to right-click on the MacOs icon and select Quit. On Windows Laptops, the taskbar is by default located at the bottom. In contrast, the taskbar on the Macbook by default is located at the top, at first glance it looks similar to a Linux OS, especially Linux Ubuntu.

How to close apps Macbook Air

Another way to close an app is by clicking on the red circle containing the white diagonal line. This will also free up resources for other tasks.

The third, and final way to close apps, is dragging the icon out of the dock then dropping it inside your trash can. This closes all documents that are related to that application as well, therefore it should only be used as a last resort.

Now you know how to close apps on Macbook Air!

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