How to Screenshot on iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s plus is a great phone, and one of its best features is the ability to take screenshots. If you’re not sure how to do it, don’t worry – this guide will show you how to screenshot on iphone 6s plus in few different ways and some tips for taking better screenshots.

What is a screenshot?

A screenshot is an image of what is currently displayed on your screen. This can be useful if you want to capture something from a website or document, or if you want to share something with someone else. You can also use screenshots for troubleshooting purposes – for example, if you’re trying to show someone how to do something on their phone and they’re having trouble following your instructions.

How to take a screenshot on your iPhone 6s Plus

To take a screenshot on your iPhone 6s Plus, simply press and hold the Sleep/Wake button (on the right side of the phone) and the Home button (on the front of the phone) at the same time. You should hear a camera shutter sound, and the screenshot will be saved in your Photos app.

How to edit and share your screenshot on iPhone 6s Plus

Once you’ve taken a screenshot, you can edit it by opening it in the Photos app and tapping on the Edit button. From here, you can crop or rotate the image, and add text or other annotations. To share your screenshot, tap on the Share button and choose how you want to share it – for example, you can send it via email or Messages, or post it to social media.

Other ways to take a screenshot on iPhone 6s Plus

If you have an Apple Watch, you can also take a screenshot on your iPhone by long-pressing the side button on your watch and tapping the screenshot icon. This will save the screenshot to your iPhone’s Photos app. You can also use third-party apps to take screenshots on your iPhone – for example, Snagit ( is a popular option for those who want more advanced editing features.

Tips for taking better screenshots

– Use landscape mode for long websites or documents – this will capture more of the content in one screenshot.

– If you’re taking a screenshot of something that someone else will be looking at, make sure that the important information is visible and easy to see.

– Use editing features to highlight or annotate key parts of the screenshot.

– Be mindful of how you share screenshots – for example, avoid sharing personal information like addresses or phone numbers without blurring them out first.


Taking screenshots on the iPhone 6s Plus is a simple process, and there are a number of ways to do it. In this article, we’ve shown you how to take a screenshot using the default method, as well as how to edit and share your screenshot. We’ve also provided some tips for taking better screenshots. happy snapping!

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